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I have always believed in eating healthily and naturally (if you exclude the drunken kebab binges whilst Skiff sailing). I prepare all my own and almost never eat processed food except after a big event when anything goes.

Therefore I was really excited when I came across the Torq products range, which uses only natural ingredients, with no additives or sweeteners. All the fruit used in the ingredients are from Fair Trade suppliers and you can even buy an organic version of the unflavoured energy drink!

I trialled Torq products (Energy Drink, Bars & Gels) for a few weeks and then used them for the first time in a race at IronmanUK70.3 (2008). With the race only being 3 weeks after Ironman Lanzarote I was expecting to run out of steam towards the end of the run. Quite the opposite happened I started feeling stronger as the run progressed, the gels slipped down easily and seemed almost instantly power up the legs. This helped me to 39th overall finish (7th in Age Group) in 5hr 12min.

I am extremely pleased to have Torq onboard as a sponsor and supplier of my energy products. A company that fits well with my nutritional ethos. As the first sponsor to have faith in my abilities it was a huge moral boost and helped in more ways than one to progressing through 2008. See below a run down of the Torq products that I use.

Torq Energy (Naturally Flavoured)

An excellent drink made with natural flavouring and light on the taste, lots of electrolytes also so no need for additional salt tablets. This is the only energy drink I've found that I can drink for 5hrs without just craving plain water. There are no artificial sweeteners (unlike most other energy drinks) not sure why you would need them. The flavoured energy drink also has a 2:1 Maltodextrin/Fructose mix which is proven to supply more carbs and faster to the body. Comes in four flavours; Orange, Lemon, Lemon & Lime, and Pink Grapefruit

Torq Energy (Unflavoured)

This drink is unflavoured and is pure Maltodextrin, this can be added to the flavoured drink to increase the carb concentration without additional electrolytes. (Useful for colder races). Can also be sprinkled onto your cereal to increase the carbs without bulk, or mixed with juice to make your own flavoured drink. An Organic option is also available. I drank gallons of this stuff in the week between the ITU Worlds and Ironman UK (2008) in a bid to recover quickly. It did the trick!

Torq Recovery

Torq recovery is a highly advanced recovery drink that follows the Torq ethos of all natural ingredients and no sweeteners. This another excellent product and I find that after taking Torq recovery I can do back to back hard sessions on consecutive days without any drop in performance. My recovery times have been greatly reduced allowing me to train harder. Recovery comes in 3 flavours, Chocolate Orange, Banana & Mango, and the new Strawberries and Cream. I still haven't decided which flavour I like best and tend to alternate between them.

Torq Energy Bars

Naturally flavoured with Fair Trade fruit. The easiest bar I've found to eat on the bike. I'm particularly keen on the pineapple and ginger flavoured bar. As ginger naturally settles the stomach I find this helps to sort an stomach problems I might have after the swim or on the bike. Comes in four flavours; Pineapple & Ginger, Tangy Apricot, Sundried Banana, Raspberry & Apple.

Torq Gel

I just love these gels, great tasting and seem to work completely in-tune with my digestive system. I can almost feel the energy going straight to my legs on the run. Initially I thought they might be too sweet, but know I don't go for a long run without them. The forest fruit with Guarana packs a healthy punch of caffeine to pick you up when the going gets tough.