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Wednesday 16th December 2009

I am pleased to announce that I have a bike and wheel sponsor for next season (details to be advised), therefore I am selling of my existing bike and wheels to make room for the new arrivals. see link below and give me a call if you are interested or need any further info. For Sale

Singapore Airport - 7th December 2009

Sitting in Singapore airport on the way home, race report can be found in following link.

Ironman Western Australia 2009 Report & Pictures

Not the result I had hoped for, but considering I spent large parts of the week before in bed, I've been told it's not to bad. Anyway still enjoyed the race.

Good news is so far I've managed to avoid any excess baggage charges on the way home, was hit will full charges for my bag on the way out.

Everybody seemed to be suffering the same problem as airlines seem to be tightening there policy with no leniency!

Basically packed all the heavy stuff in my hand luggage (2 bags) and left one in the hire car while I checked in. After checking in went back to hire car and picked up the bag and walked through security. Was worried I might get picked up on this at some stage as my second bag is quite large, but so far so good!

Update from OZ - 2nd December 2009

Lots I could write about but I'll keep it brief! Honest!

Currently in Bussleton getting ready for Ironman Western Australia, training has been going well in Scotland despite the weather. Sometimes I think a boat would have been more appropriate than my bike.

Unfortunately spent that last few days trying to shift a cold, which is finally on the move, so hopefully get some light training in tomorrow and Friday before the race.

And the free gift with entry this year is a glorified Stanley Knife! I'll post a photo tomorrow.

Ironman Germany to Ironman Worlds Hawaii

A couple of weeks recovery post Germany, and then back into training, all was going well and to plan, getting into good consistent training. Please with my form and won the Peterhead sprint. Then minor disaster struck 8 weeks out from Kona.

An easy weekend mountain biking resulting in a bit of over exuberance on a jump saw me spiralled in a heap gasping for breath. First reaction was that I may have cracked some ribs, but the pain went away after 1/2hr. It was only on getting back to the car and tried to remove my glove that I realised how sore and swollen it was. I didn't want to spend Saturday evening in A&E so iced it overnight and then went in in the morning.

Bad news was I had broken it, good news doctor said it only needed a splint and I could continue to train (carefully). Excellent I thought so off went for a weeks training followed by Aberfeldy Middle Distance (1/2 Iron Distance) race the following weekend. I had a good race although a bit slower than hoped, but that's what happens when you don't taper for a race.

Into Hospital on Monday for a check-up, different consultant who advised that it was a bad brake and should have been plastered. So on goes the plaster. There goes Hawaii I thought, but was asked to come back in 2 weeks for a check-up. I tried to do some training with the plaster; slow turbo sessions trying not to sweat, but couldn't handle going so slow. Anyway 2 weeks of no training and back to Hospital, glad to say they took the plaster off, and away I went back to full training.

Not the best run up to the Worlds but, I'm not making any excuses, training went very well from then on, the two weeks complete rest had done me good.

Kona Report here.

I think my report card on my Blog performance would definitely should try harder! Not very good at keeping it up to date. Would like to say it's because I've been busy training but had last two weeks easy after IM Germany so no excuses really.

So how did Germany go? I've written  a full report on Germany so follow this link, or go to the results page, also some photo's in the Gallery, and hopefully will post some video footage once I get it.

19th July 2009 - Peterhead Sprint

My first real hard training session since Germany, a slightly depleted field from the norm for the local Triathlons due to the holidays, but didn't mean I was in for an easy ride. Swim went very well, with no-one the same speed as me to push me I thought I might be a bit slower than usual, but actually one of my fastest for the distance. Bike went excellently legs feeling very fresh and held back by HR rather than sore legs, onto the run, could see I had a good lead but the demons of Germany wouldn't let me back of so went hard for first half and harder still in the second, posting an 18:01 for the run. Result 1st overall from 37.

Good to get back out racing and see that I've recovered from Germany and ready to get back at it in preparation for Hawaii.

21st June 2009

Another long delay from last blog, been to busy training! Today was Knockburn Open Water Standard distance my last high quality training session before the taper for IM Germany it went pretty well 8th overall from a field of 60+ including 2 Pro's.  Very good swim 22mins, Bike took 1 lap to get into it and then got the power down, run very good a slight bit over 40mins, so pleased with that as fastest 10K during a triathlon and on a hilly course with some off road bits.

Generally feeling a bit tired as had been down in Southampton the day before for the Round the Isle of White Yacht race, supposed to be a nice relaxing day but like Triathlons can't really race without trying, good day as we won our Class. Definitely had been pushing it a bit hard as collapsed after Triathlon and went for an hours kip in the he car.

Bala Middle Distance (UK Long Distance Championships) - 14th June

This was always going to be an interesting one as the plan was not to taper for this and use it as the major warm-up for IM Germany. The swim went well exiting in the mid teens and then onto the uphill slog for 7miles, passed by lots of lightweights and then struggled until the last 20K of the bike when I started to pick things up (well suppose that's what you get for only taking 1 days rest before hand). Onto the run and quads started hurting so just decided to run at expected IM marathon pace and see what happens, by half way muscles had eased up so put in loads of effort. Managed to negative slit the 1/2 marathon by 6mins and almost got a 1/2 marathon PB, so actually a very good race. Shows I have the endurance and a good pacing strategy although should have gone harder on the bike and first half of the run. Overall please with result 28th overall from 505, and good warm up for IM Germany, can't wait now!!

Also did a 5K and 10K race in Aberdeen for some speed work, plan for both was not to push to hard, but then one of my mates turned up so it was game on, unfortunately he beat me in both by a few seconds and one place, but put in a 10K PB 38:04 taking the first half easy so that was good.

Inverurie Sprint - 31st May

After my two weeks offshore (was supposed to be 9days) straight back into things with Inverurie Sprint Triathlon, thought I was going well but only managed 3rd overall and in age group. I honestly didn't think 2 weeks off would have that great an effect, confused by the fact that I output the same power on the bike as Turriff but got beaten by somebody by 2 minutes who I hade beaten by the same margin in Turriff. All was revealed a week later when checking the disc wheel before Bala, could hardly turn the wheel bearings had given up the ghost. Well that's my excuse anyway!!!


18th May 2009

Long time since my last entry, been struggling with a lack of motivation, and a dose of cold/flu. The local Turriff sprint Tri was yesterday (first of the season). Happy to report I was 1st overall from a field of 70, a perfect way to start the Tri season. (and I ended up swimming a couple of extra lengths of the pool), can't blame the lap counters as I lost count also.

Only problem now is that I'm off on a lovely cruise of the North Seas for 9 days, actually sea trials for a ship we've just built. Planned as a recovery week anyway but limited to my wobble board and a host of palates and core strength exercises to keep me busy (I suppose I should also do some work). There is an exercise bike onboard somewhere which I need to track down. The plan was just to train in the gym as I had specified and spent £25K of the companies money on gym equipment 6months ago. It should have been onboard for this week, but despite 3 weeks of chasing the shipyard it is still languishing in there stores. Suppose could swim round the boat about 20 times but didn't bring my wetsuit May also breach safety policy!!!!!!

Anyway to re-cap on what's happened since my last entry;

Inverness Half Marathon - 8th March

Interesting, howling gale with sleet, snow, rain and even some sunshine. Needless to say with those condition fast times weren't going to be the order of the day, and with only having done one run over 1hr since my knee healed I wasn't expecting much. 1:26:04, 61st from 1076 so fairly pleased with that.

Majorca - 14th March (10 days)

A truly excellent 10days of training with perfect weather not to windy and 15-18deg everyday. A good mix of cycling, running and swimming. The main road to the famed Sa Calobra was blocked by a landslide earlier in the year which still hadn't been cleared by the time we got there, which was actually a good thing as we cycled some new routes that we wouldn't have otherwise done. Last day was the ultimate, the Calobra road was opened so off for an epic mountain day. Managed to tick off all but one of the major climbs in one go, Orient, Soller, Puig Major, & Calobra 164km with 3300metres of climbing (and got a PB going up the Puig Major and Calobra) so ended the break on a high, only to hear it was snowing in Aberdeen on the way to the airport!.

Gariock 10K - 29th March

A fairly hilly course so plan was just to get under 40mins, race went well pushing well above planned HR, more just to see what happened, managed to keep it going and pick the pace up for the last few kilometres to come in with a 38:41, 13th from 526, very pleased with this result.

Knockburn Duathlon - 5th April

One to forget and I can confirm going out clubbing until 3 in the morning the night before a race definitely doesn't promote a good performance! Still finished 5th from 53, and Scott Neyedli (Pro Ironman and winner of the UK Ironman in 2008) finished 2nd so wasn't that bad a performance considering!! Well it was our delayed Christmas night out with some mates - don't ask took that long to get a free night when we all could make it!

Lochaber Marathon - 19th April

Onto some hard long distance training ready for the (couldn't wait for the Tri season to start to stop all this running). Lovely day for the race clear sunny sky's and 16deg, first half of the race went very well although I suspected I was pushing the heart rate a bit high in an attempt to keep to my sub 3hr schedule. Hit my 13mile split 18secs down on planned and then picked the pace up for the next miles until disaster struck. Legs started to seize up and although managed to keep HR up the pace dropped of dramatically, kept running all the way and finished in 3:09:42, 34th from 350. A bit disappointed with the result as really wanted to beat 3hrs. On reflection I could have run faster if I'd taken it easier in the first half but admit sub 3hrs was definitely beyond me this early in the season (just leave that target for during an Ironman!!)

Balmoral 10K - 25th April

Billed as the most scenic 10K in the country (including the rest of the UK!), not that there was much time to look at the scenery, the course is fairly flat for the first 3k, then 'The Hill' appears 1K of steepness. I had planned to push this bit very hard and max out the heat rate (fell 2 beats short) plan worked though as I passed lots of people and stayed ahead until the end of the race. Slightly disappointed to come in over 40mins (40:13) as I was 15secs up at 9K, but pleased given the hilly course and it was only 6days after Lochaber Marathon. (28th from 1996)

5th March 2009

Well over a month since Iíve updated this.

The major thing I missed out on my last ramble was that I tore the medial collateral ligament in my knee whilst ski-ing. Didnít know how bad it was so didnít want to mention it.

The good news is that itís all better now. Spent 3 weeks restricted to the Turbo trainer and swimming only, but as this coincided with the heavy snow this wasnít really an issue.

Always looking for the positives so thought this would give me a good opportunity to work on technique. I did loads of high cadence spinning sessions on the turbo and loads of easy technique stuff for swimming. (still managed 8+ hrs a week with a torn ligament). Back to full training the last 3 weeks toping out at 19hrs. First race this Sunday Inverness Ĺ Marathon (8th March). Will be a good indication of where Iím at running wise. Probably not great as I only started running again 2 weeks ago, but seems to be coming back even after only a few runs. Then off to Majorca on the 14th for 10days, Hope thereís some sun.

Weather has improved up here with some nice long sunny rides, although got snowed on for an hour yesterday morning and fell off. No damage to me, only the bike.

27th January 2009

Well its now the end of my layoff period and back to some serious training. Yehah I'm like a coiled spring and raring to go.

I've had some excellent trips away over Christmas & New Year Off Piste ski-ing and climbing with my brothers. No formal training but still keeping active running, biking and swimming to get the body in shape. See below some video's that my brother put together of what I've been getting up to.

Plan is to slowly start building up the hours to 24, ready for the big training trip to Majorca where hopefully I log the big 30+ hours. First major test of the year will be Lochaber Marathon on the 19th April, where I hope to run at the same pace that I expect I'll need to in Hawaii in October to win my age group.

Hopefully will have some more good news shortly regarding sponsors. Off for a swim now!

Skiing with my brothers - St Gervais & Grimentz from Bruce Goodlad on Vimeo.

Ski-ing Video from Week - 17th to 25th January with my brothers Bruce, Roy & Friends


Cascade de Lillaz from Bruce Goodlad on Vimeo.

Ice Climbing Christmas with my brother Bruce & Friends


Trou de La Mouche - Col du Beaugeant from Bruce Goodlad on Vimeo.

Ski Touring Video from Christmas with my brother Bruce & Friends

Ironman Western Australia 2008

Friday 5th December - pm

Last report before the race. All the training done and carb loading in process. I have to admit to failing on the second bowl for lunch!

Tomorrow will be a busy day with race briefing, bike check-in, lots of eating (I hate pasta), and early to bed. So wonít have time to update my blog.

Iím getting pretty excited now and canít wait for the race to start. All seems to be going well, but you can never tell until the gun goes off or sometimes until half way through the bike, or the last 10K of the run. Forecast is reasonable with a bit of wind and not to hot.

Race starts at 6am (9pm UK time) so hopefully finishing 3-4pm ish (6am UK time), so I donít expect anybody to be waiting up for the results. Iíll text everybody once Iíve finished and regained some form of mental composure!

My goals are pretty simple

1/ Wonít know about this one until I get back to the UK!
2/ Finish
3/ Qualify for Hawaii
4/ Beat last years time (9hr 37min)
5 & 6) Iíll let you know after the race!

This race is for all the people who have helped me over the past year with training and though difficult times, Iíll be thinking of you all for inspiration when the going gets tough.

Thanks, Martin

Friday 5th December - am

I've eventually work-out how to put video on the web page (all this coffee time has been productive).

Clip on the Link at the top to have a look at none triathlon video's and let me know what you think. Is the quality are they to slow to download etc?

Thursday 4th December

Just a 1hr cycle and then 20min run today. Feeling very good on the bike, hope I feel this good on Sunday!

Registration for the race today and collect the usual goody bag. This years event is sponsored by Supercraft Tools, last year we got a free measuring tape and carpenters pencil. This year the goodies included a hammer with a bottle opener instead of a claw. (Not sure what their trying to say about Australian Chippy's), and a couple of thermos mugs. But wait for it not your average thermos mug, ones that you can plug into the cigarette lighter to actually heat up your drink. I think this will make a good Christmas present for somebody!


The Hammer!

Wednesday 3rd December

An easy day today, starting with a swim to the halfway point on the pier (or jetty as the Australians keep reminding me). A bit windy and rough today so no surprise that I was the only one that went further than 100yds offshore. Then a 1hr massage / being told how tight all my muscles were.

Lazy afternoon drinking coffee and watching the shark bait (swimmers). Apparently every year there are stories of people being eaten near to the race venue. I don't think there true, just the ozzies trying to wind-up people. However there is a seal colony about 5 miles away which is apparently a great white feeding zone. Trick is to try and not look like a seal apparently! A bit difficult when wearing an all black wetsuit!


The Goose Restaurant/Office        The Bike Gets its own bed                The semi rough swim            The Living Room - Tidy with No bike in it!

Tuesday 2nd December

Up early (8am) and down to the beach for a swim round the course. very relaxing and smacked in a 1hr swim which was surprising for the effort and a good sign for the race. Followed by more coffee and breakfast at the Goose restaurant.

Surprisingly my bike arrived early afternoon so then out for a quick 2hr cycle round 1 lap of the bike course, lovely and flat? Only 5mins slower for 1 lap than last years race time so again looking good. (at lower effort) Also got attacked by a magpie that liked the look of my helmet! Their very territorial, apparently it's quite normal!

Now back at the Goose for more coffee (there is a reason for always going there other than to drink coffee! they have free wireless access).

Monday 1st December

Eventually arrived in Perth at 7:30am (4 1/2hrs late) but minus one bike. Drive to Busselton was OK. Checked into accommodation (given a two bedroom cabin so my bike if it arrives gets its own bed) . Down to the pier for a quick coffee and I bumped in Russell Cox, a mate from the ITU worlds and is now luckily a time triathlete and now living on the Gold Coast. (I'm kind of jealous with his training stories compared with mine which involve Rocky 4 impressions running about in the snow!).

We set up shop in the Goose Restaurant overlooking the jetty and swim course. (Photo's below).

Just as I left and finished doing some work! some dolphins came into the beak for a play which was pretty cool.


Sunday 30th November

Signing in from Singapore Airport. Flight here was Ok with no delays at heathrow due to the expected fog.

However 4hr delay here as the plane's missing (or not arrived yet). Good news is I've managed to blag $60 worth of food vouchers to spend on Sushi! and access to a lounge for a comfy seat & shower.

Saturday 29th November

After the rush of getting ready and getting the dogs & cat to kennels I ventured along to RGU for one final swim session. A good session with a good social afterwards.

Now in Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 waiting for flight to Singapore. No Sushi in T4 what a downer!